Firewood Logsplitters

We feature the Brave  gasoline powered (and PTO) firewood log splitters.  We believe that these are the best choices for quality and value on the market today.  We know of no dependable electric splitter that we can recommend since Fisch stopped selling them.

Brave products makes gas powered firewood logsplitters in several different sizes including 3pt models for tractors.  

Brave Products Firewood LogsplittersBrave Products Firewood Logsplitters built to last a lifetime.
34 ton firewood log splitter by Brave products

Fisch no longer offers their nice small indoor/outdoor 4 ton electric firewood log splitter, the LS-8000 II. 
We know of no electric splitter that we can honestly recommend now.


Please click here for more about  Brave  who make gas powered firewood log splitters from 8 to 34 ton. Brave is very conservative in their rating of the splitters.  For example most would call the Brave 8 ton splitter a 12 ton splitter.

Please click here for online discount ordering of the Brave Gas Powered and 3pt firewood logsplitters. (Made in USA)

Before you throw money away on a "too good to be true" deal, check out Google powered logsplitter COMPLAINTS

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